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We are so excited to have another American product on hand and this one in particular because the owner happens to be a chef whose roots are founded in the small fishing village of Klawock on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. They take the best ingredients that nature provides and treat it with respect using locally sourced items including the alder wood they use for smoking. This brand lives deep in the chef mentality and we can relate to that. We look forward to sharing these tins with you and hope to expand upon them even more so. Below are the descriptions strait from the chefs mouth. Who better to tell you about each product than him!

Smoked Geoduck- It’s big. It’s weird. It’s delicious. Geoduck is a large clam with a mild flavor, a firm texture and an appetizing golden color. Dry-cured with salt, sugar and spices before smoking. We call it clam bacon. 

Smoked White King Salmon- You can expect a delicate yet rich flavor with Omega-3 packed King salmon. There’s a sweetness from the tender flesh, balanced by gentle alder smoke notes. Then there’s the color. While all that separates a white King from the red is its inability to process pigments, its rarity sets it apart. When you want something extra special, this is it. Treat yourself. 

Smoked Coho Salmon- With the aroma of smoke and sea greeting you, the Smoked Coho salmon delivers big, traditional flavor with a salty brine and alder smoke notes. The flesh is dense, meaty and flakes easily. It’s a pantry staple.

Smoked Herring- Smoked herring delivers robust, savory flavor with a rich dose of umami and smoke. Herring is a smaller fish, and after smoking over Alder chips, the skin turns slightly crisp, and the flesh transforms into a rich mahogany brown. The result is a tin of tempting bite-sized morsels that look beautiful right out of the tin or in a pasta dish. 

Smoked King Salmon- A crowd-pleasing favorite simply by name, King Salmon a delicate flavor and a decadent richness, a texture that is tender yet firm. It’s sweet and a little smoky, and the marbling of healthy fats makes it a guilt-free treat.

Smoked Pink Salmon- Pink salmon are the most abundant wild salmon species from Alaska, which also makes them an economical choice. Our smoked pink salmon are the perfect choice for smoked seafood lovers looking for a milder smoked salmon flavor. 

Smoked Sockeye Salmon- what makes Wildfish Cannery's Smoked Sockeye so unique? For over 30 years we've been the go-to custom smokery and cannery for the island's subsistence fishermen. To put it simply, we know how the locals want to eat it. Rich smokehouse flavor, brilliant red flesh. The essence of wild Alaska, in one bite. 

Smoked Coho In Birch Syrup- Limited Release,  Dark and complex, birch syrup’s rich, umami-forward flavor blends perfectly with this bright and briny Smoked Coho

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