About Us

Leaves and Loaves Goods

"What is Leaves and Loaves Goods?" is a question we are asked often. We believe that a better question is - "Who is Leaves and Loaves Goods?". We are Dave and Tavitha, two long-time friends whose friendship kindled within the trenches of 80+ hours of work weeks at Bouley, a contemporary French restaurant ingrained in NYC's Tribeca area. There is a lot of truth in the quote, "happiness is having a co-worker for a friend" because these two friends ended up being roomies! This was just the beginning of their journey, just like any good plot, both friends found themselves at different crossroads in their lives. Add the pandemic into that equation and these elements became the recipe to what will eventually become known as Leaves and Loaves Goods. It is an online store where both friends had decided to bring in what they were each truly passionate about.

For Dave, the choice was obvious, it was food-focused products that are either handmade or sourced from Portugal, a country that he has much history from. He also believes that bread represents sustenance of life. "Breaking bread" with people is one of the best ways to get to know someone and that is one of our aims through our food. Dave would make the bread while Tavitha's years of work under amazing pastry chefs resulted in offering baked goods that are hand-delivered to the NYC area. This would be the loaves side of the store. On the Leaves side, Tavitha brings in her passion for rare plants and finding beautiful, handcrafted things. This is where her keen aesthetic sense and green thumb come into play. She selects and grows these rare plants while curating beautiful pottery to be made available in the store for you.

Leaves and Loaves Goods' focus is to bring the best products to your door. We take pride and pleasure in getting our hands on hard-to-get and unique items that we think our customers would love just as much as we do!


Tavitha Remo
Tavitha immigrated to NYC in 2000, taking with her a childhood filled with travel and the love of adventurous foods in the Philippines. One amazing meal at Bouley and she was hooked on the life of food forever! She started off by attending the famed French Culinary Institute, now better known as International Culinary Center. From there, she worked in prestigious restaurants like Jean George, Bouley, and the Guggenheim. Through the years, Tavitha has developed an affinity for fun adventures and unique products from around the world that bring her joy. She considers her taste a combination of what's hot and forward-thinking with a splash of old-world chic and luxury. Her passion for travel & love for NYC inspires her creativity. These passions are what drive her today to curate products that are unique from around the world.


David Santos
Born as a first-generation Portuguese, American life was very much about hard work and determination. From early on, Dave saw the value of doing things well from his parents. These are parents that, although could not afford much, gave him the gift of passion. This was all he needed to always be immersed in food whether in NJ, where his family gardened and raised animals for food, or back in Portugal where he spent many summers doing the same. It was a natural fit for him to dive into that world and work at some of the best restaurants around like The Ryaland Inn, Nicholas, Bouley, Per Se just to name a few. Through the years, what Dave has become truly passionate about is Portugal itself. He believes no other country has had more of a global impact on food in particular than Portugal and he tries to show that off whenever he can.