Strawberry Preserves
Strawberry Preserves

Strawberry Preserves

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When you start with amazing products it makes your job that much easier. We took our favorite strawberries from Pell farms and made some amazing preserves in multiple styles.

Both of the elderflower jams should be served cold from the refrigerator for optimal consistency.

The classic can be served at any temperature but from the fridge will be thickest.

French style jams rely on the goodness of ingredients and any natural pectin found in the fruit. Since no additional pectin is added to this jam its looser than their american cousins.

Elderflower american version is strawberry juice instead of whole strawberries set with pectin

Classic is exactly as it sounds. Simple and exactly what you expect from strawberry jam

Uses and Pairings
French style
top of vanilla icecreams
into champagne for a cocktail you will never forget

Elderflower American style, and Classic
morning toasts and baked goods