Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce
Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce

Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce

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One of the most iconic Portuguese sauces of all time. Piri sauce is a staple in every household in Portugal and every region has their version. My family has always kept it pretty simple because growing up they didnt have much. With all that being said I often times think simple is better. This is my families version of piri piri that i want to share with the world. Traditionally this sauce is slathered atop a grilled chicken in the last moments before taking it off the coals. However that is far from the end. Just like franks hot sauce you can put that shit on everything! Anything off the grill is a winner but eggs in the morning, pastas, basically wherever you want a kick! Get yourself a jar and I guarantee you will need another.

I cant say exactly but is doesnt contain, wheat, nuts, soy, or dairy! Ask if you are allergic to anything else.

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