Plum Bay Leaf Jam
Plum Bay Leaf Jam

Plum Bay Leaf Jam

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Take a trip down memory lane to summers in Portugal. When I visit Portugal there are several foods that stick out in my mind. One is picking fresh sweet tree ripened plums everywhere, second is the humble bay leaf. Bay is a cornerstone in so many cuisines and it often times doesn't get the credit it deserves. Third is the multitude of acids used in the cuisine from citrus to some of the best red wine vinegar around. For this unique jam we have combined all those things to create that end of summer memory in a jar!

Plums and Pluots, Sugar, Red wine vinegar, Lemon juice, Sea salt, Bay Leaf, Pectin

This is made as a more american style jam which is full set with pectin. We prefer this jam at room temperature but can obviosuly be used right refrigerator.

Cheese boards
good bread with butter
yogurt for a unique combination