In Person Cooking Class Per Person

In Person Cooking Class Per Person

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Welcome to my in person cooking class. I wanted a way to be able to show people how to make delicious foods in their own settings. Plus give people access to the wealth of knowledge I have about food and cooking in general.

How it works.                                                                                                                  Together we will curate a 3 course meal inspired by what you would love to learn most. We could basically explore anything as many of you know I'm well versed in many cuisines. Before you purchase the event reach out to me to coordinate dates and times. Once that is booked then we can go ahead and finalize with a purchase. 

The cost of the class is $150 per person with a 4 person min 12 person max within nyc. Outside the city is also available just reach out and we can figure that out as well.

The class will include all basic ingredients(specialty ingredients like Uni, foie, and the like will be added at cost)

If there is any special equipment needed I will provide that as well. 

I will provide recipes that are needed 

From there this is really meant to be your evening and i will work hard to make it just that!