Holiday Pantry Box
Holiday Pantry Box
Holiday Pantry Box

Holiday Pantry Box

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Leaves & Loaves Pantry Box - items that we love from our shop. Something you can always reach for and simply just makes things better in our opinion. Whether it be a quick meal of tinned fish  or a delicious accent over your morning yogurt, all of these items just make your cooking  better. It’s the perfect gift for the cook in your family or for yourself! Complimentary gift wrapping available upon request

Algarve Sea Salt- From the scenic Algarve province in the south of Portugal, where sea salt has been collected and exported since the Roman empire. Even today the salt is hand harvested and sun dried in the traditional ways by the Marenotos(salt gatherers). This pristinely white sea salt or salt cream is a salt pan's delicate top-most layer perfect for any occasion that calls for fleur de sel. It’s sweet clean flavor is excitingly like no other salt you’ve  had before.

Wildfish Canary Smoked King Salmon- A crowd pleasing favorite simply by name. King Salmon has a delicate flavor and a decadent richness. A texture that is tender yet firm. It’s sweet and a little smoky, and the marbling of healthy fats makes it a guilt-free treat.

Piri Piri Oil- Simply put, you can put that s**t on anything and we sure as hell do! We drizzle it on meats and fish for platters. We’ve paired it on  baked brie along with fresh herbs. It’s a go to for a reason.

Tenorio Tuna With Sun Dried Tomato- Tenorio is the flagship brand of the Acores. They only use the highest quality tuna fillets caught locally in the Atlantic.

Rosemary Honey- There is something natural about the combination of honey and rosemary. Perhaps its simply because both often times are readily available in the wild. This honey is made in the heart of Portugal where the hives are placed among wild growing rosemary forests to give it that unique taste.

Peach Saffron Jam- Tree ripened peaches are married with spanish saffron to form this delicious and unique jam. It can make itself at home on top of yogurt, a cheeseboard, or simply on toast.

Briosa Boneless Skinless Sardines- Briosa has long stood for quality and tradition and we feel it should be a staple in everyones pantry. The simplest way to enjoy them is the hand cleaned and packed boneless skinless variety we have here.

Ramon Pena Scallops In Sauce- petite, full bodied scallops with a soft texture and covered in a light Galician tomato based sauce. These are a great tin to throw in the oven, broil the top and have over toast or tossed in some fresh pasta.