Apple Butter
Apple Butter

Apple Butter

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Not many things say the start of fall more than apples. This is the time of the year people take their families to the orchard and pick their own for all the delicious things you can make. Pies, tarts, sauce, and even pickles to name a few. But one of our favorite things to make is a good old fashioned apple butter. There is just something about it that sort of brings fall together in one bite. The sweetness of the apples and sugar playing with the spike of acid all melded together with fall spices. There aren't many things that work together quite so well if I'm honest. Our apple butter has the advantage of being at home on a slice of good bread or dolloped on top of a pork chop out of the oven served with fall squash. Either way you can't go wrong having a jar on hand, maybe even two!

Apples, sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, sea salt

Uses and Pairings
Great on cheese boards
stirred into oatmeal
dolloped on top of pork