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A welcome American addition to the tin game and to our stores. Ekone has actually been around for a little bit but were small producers and really were only doing their work for themselves out in Washington. Since their humble beginnings they have grown with the demand for their delicious products. They really made their mark on the smoked oyster game but have expanded to include mussels, tuna and others. We are super excited to have 3 of their products in the shop.

Ekone smoked habanero oysters- this tin in particular is wildly sought after and sometimes goes out of stock. Smoke and spice with everything nice ive heard one person say. Basically if you love seafood, love spice and smoke this is for you.

Ekone smoked tuna- Their albacore tuna is caught locally in the pacific waters using only dolphin safe methods. They care and you can taste it in the tin. Great for mixing it up from other regular tuna

Ekone smoked mussels- There is just something about smoke and mussels that goes hand in hand. If you don't believe me try this tin and i can say "told ya so"