Tinned Fish Experience Monday June 21 @7pm Flex Mussels 134 W 13th St.
Tinned Fish Experience Monday June 21 @7pm Flex Mussels 134 W 13th St.

Tinned Fish Experience Monday June 21 @7pm Flex Mussels 134 W 13th St.

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The moment everyone(well I like to believe everyone) has been waiting for. The pop ups are back and we are going old school Monday supper club style! We are going to kick it off by being inspired by what we do on a daily bases. One of our goals with Leaves & Loaves is to show you how wonderful the world of tins can be. That you can have a delicious meal by either cracking a tin open or creating something delicious out of that tin! Thats what this dinner is going to be all about! To add to the nostalgia I'm teaming up with one of my right hands from Louro and beyond, Desi!!! Some of you may remember her from the inmates run the asylum series where my sous did tasting menus and I became the helper. Desi has gone on to do great things after from working at the Modern to helming and crushing the kitchen at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint. We love cooking together and this is just going to be a blast. There might be one or two more surprises at the dinner but I wont get to excited until I firm things up. 

In these times I would imagine the biggest question will be seating. The plan for the event is to do outdoor seating and by your groups. The tickets are sold in pairs so if you are 4 people purchase 2 tickets. If your group purchases separately then just let us know so we can set you up accordingly. So basically your party, your table. Now I am not setup for covered seating so if there is bad weather we will love to indoors. We have plenty of room inside but I would say if you arent comfortable dining in doors quite yet I'd respectfully wait to purchase a ticket until you feel good about it. I totally get it i just want to be clear that there is no covered seating outdoors available.

Stay tuned for the menu as Desi and I are currently hammering that out but I wanted to get this out there today. Ill be posting the menu in the next couple days. But lets be honest its gonna be great!

As a reminder the events are BYOB so bring what you like. The price of the ticket is for 2 people and is all inclusive.

Location: Flex Mussels 134 W 13th St. NYC