March Tasting Box

March Tasting Box

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The tasting box will be setup to rotate every month. In the box there will be a collection of items that we feel are must have's for the month. Those items may vary from exclusive tins to small batch jellies and everything edible in between! These are items that will put you on the path to deliciousness. Some items will continue to be available after the month and can be bought on their own while supplies last just in case you want to reup. We plan for this box to be a favorite for people who might want to introduce their friends to what Leaves & Loaves has to offer.

Concord Grape Jam - When you thing of childhood you often times think of grape jelly and peanut butter sandwiches. Its a fond memory for almost anyone that grew up in the states. Thats the inspiration behind this jam. We think you will love it!

Minerva sardines with olive oil and oregano- Basically anything Minerva is awesome. When you have been doing it this long well you have to be doing it right! These sardines are packed in olive oil and sprinkled with oregano for that nice herbaceous flavor.

Apple Butter- Again another American staple among the ranks. We use the best apples and treat them simply with warm spices to make this classic. So good on oatmeal in the morning or with butter on toast.

Ekone albacore smoked tuna - A new member to the leaves and loaves family! We wanted to include some of the amazing new products we got our hands on and this is one of them. Ekone using local pacific albacore caught with dolphin safe methods. A great tin thats American made.

Bergamot Earl Grey- This was truly inspired by tea time. Something we enjoy quite a bit around here! Not many folks have had the luxury of trying true bergamot so we thought it was important to have this unique and special jam among the ranks of the classics.

Mouettes D'Arvor Mackerel in Mustard- If you haven't guessed by the name well we have invited France to the party. LOL We are glad they are here! Simply put this tin is awesome and a great version of the classic mackerel and mustard.