Monstera Peru, 4 inch pot

Monstera Peru, 4 inch pot

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Monstera Peru is a low maintenance, fast-growing indoor plant from Aroid family. This monstera is a climber with large corrugated green leaves. The plant looks great in a moss pole to enhance the growth and beauty of the plant  or leave it to trail.

What you will receive:

Pot size: Monstera Peru with 4 leaves and showing more growth. Repot only when roots are starting to come out from the drainage  holes.

Plant: Rooted

Watering schedule: Water only once the soil is a little dry. Do not overwater. Mist 2-3 times a week. We recommend cleaning the leaves every now and then due to its unique structure. Dust build up will stunt the plants growth.

Sun: Medium to bright indirect light.

Fertilize: 2x a year. Not on winter.

Soil: Well draining soil.

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