Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly

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As the crisp air of fall begins nipping at us at night it always reminds us that we are coming into grape season. There are just so many amazing grapes varieties out there now for the table. Things like gum drop grapes, witch fingers, and cotton candy grapes are all some of mypersonal favorites. A classic however named after the town in Massachusetts which it was created is the concord grape. Not many jams invoke more childhood memories of PB&J sandwiches then grape jelly. We figured we would help invoke some of those memories for you. This jam made of concords for their flavor and thomcords for their sweetness is perfect for the classic PB&J. Spread the love.

concord and thomcord grapes, sugar, lemon juice, sea salt, pectin

This is an american style jam with a medium set. For a softer set keep at room temp after opening but you want to finish it within 7-10 days which isnt that hard honestly. For a firmer set keep in the fridge.

Uses and Pairings
spread it on bread for the classic PB&J